Comma Film


The aim of the Comma Film project is to inspire budding filmmakers to work with, and interpret, existing, published work in new and unexpected ways, and to foster the idea of filmmaking as a collaborative (and sometimes interpretive) process across story-telling art forms.

A core group of prove filmmakers has been identified by Comma, but we are always open to new filmmakers joining the project at the challenge level.

For this filmmakers are invited to read a selection of published poems or short stories (from the stables of Comma Press and other Northwest Publishers) and to select one and reserve it with the organisers. Given the clearance of the author (which will be coordinated by Comma), the filmmakers are then able start to adapt the story and deliver the film as a completed, fully edited short film on or before the deadline of that particular challenge.


There are currently no open challenges but if you would like to be involved in the next project, email

See Taking Part for more info on how the challenges work.